Following the constantly developing area of telecommunications B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises implements the latest technologies to offer IP Telephony Solutions to enterprises. IP Telephony provides a cost-effective solution and productivity gain with high-quality voice service, connecting all your business locations across the globe together.

We cover the complete set of telecommunications services portfolio. Our portfolio covers traditional telephony solutions, IP telephony, call centers, recording systems, specialized applications applied to IP telephony implementations, and all sorts of unification with other vendor’s applications.

Mainly it is our dedication to giving the customers an end-to-end solution which includes traditional telephony, IP Telephony, Unified Communications, Call Centers, CTI/ IVR solutions, mobility solutions, and many more enabled by the unlimited capabilities of IP Telephony.


We can provide, configure and maintain Avaya systems. Configurations such as remote workers via softphone/hardphone, bridging between two Avaya systems local or remote, digital or analog extensions, STUN server and more.


More and more customers are moving from old systems to VOIP. We provide VOIP in many different ways, depending on customers’ needs. Whether an outgoing line is required, such as SIP truck, or between employees. Although VOIP doesn’t have any call-charges, choosing the right people for the setup is mandatory.


Asterisk appliances, software or hardware, are the most flexible options for customers. Open-source software offers most if not all features of more advanced brands such as Cisco or Avaya. Our experts can configure and maintain the system whether it is local or cloud-based.