Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the structure of Internet-based computing where shared resources, data, and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand. Cloud computing provides on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources.

Technologies like cloud computing and virtualization have been embraced by B.S.E. Business Solution Enterprises to deliver the best services to their customers which substantially lower IT costs, provides scalability, and improves operational efficiencies. Cloud technologies allow multiple users to share secured common infrastructure without compromising the confidentiality and the integrity of each other user’s data.

Business Threats:

• Low scalability of IT infrastructure impact the growth of your business.
• Lack of skilled IT.
• Require flawless remote access to your IT infrastructure.
• IT infrastructure failover increase.
• IT cost decrease.
• Service delivery time lessening.

B.S.E. Provides:

• Cloud Infrastructure Design and Development
• Cloud Infrastructure Administration and Maintenance
• Private and Hybrid Cloud Integration
• Cloud Hosting Scalable Web Applications
• Scalable Cloud SQL Databases
• Cloud Storage Solutions
• Cloud Backup Solutions
• Cloud Active Directory
• Cloud Content Delivery Network
• Cloud DNS Services


VMs are deployed almost instantly and can accommodate most demanding enterprise applications, providing additional security measures using certificate key above an encrypted VPN.


Easily manage the massive database in a blink, Geo-redundant replication so data are always available when needed and near-zero maintenance is needed. 


HPC is about clustering and scaling applications in a batch to VMS. In addition, boosting on-premises workload using HPC resources when necessary to complete a task faster and more efficiently.